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April 27, 2021

Dear Parishioner:

A year ago at Easter morning 2020, I opened the door to an empty Church to offer Holy Mass.  At the pulpit, in a moment of inspiration, I sang the Alleluia of the Gospel verse honoring the Risen Christ.  Believe me, I was thinking of you; how you would be here except for the virus.  It had been my privilege before and after this solemnity to offer Sunday and Daily Mass during our 2½ month mandatory church closure and then when we reopened for your intentions.  We pray for all who have been affected by the pandemic and remember those who have lost loved ones.

The pastoral care and spiritual life of the parish continues.  The suspension of Masses was lifted at the end of May 2020 and we are now operating on a full schedule while following the necessary protocols.  The parish community has responded admirably through the assistance of our greeters, sanitizers, and a videographer.  The pastoral, evangelical and charitable goals of the parish remain unchanged and are even more elevated in need and urgency at this time.  All these efforts require sustained and consistent parish funding.

As we launch our 2021 Grand Annual, allow me to share a few facts with you:

  • We had no Masses for the start of last year’s Grand Annual Campaign.

  • Due to Church and State protocols caused by the pandemic we had limited church attendees throughout the year.

  • There was no in-person Religious Education for the past twelve months.

These issues have led to a revenue shortfall of over $60,000 from the prior year.  It is a question of the REVENUE being short as EXPENSES have been pared back.

We need your help.  I am kindly requesting, after thought and prayer, a sacrificial offering to the parish in support of the Grand Annual Drive.  I would be ever grateful for what you could do to assist your parish at this critical time.

There are two goals for this year’s Appeal.  First, to help the parish offset the loss in offertory income and meet all fiduciary responsibilities.  Second, to ensure that the parish can continue to maintain its physical plant and infrastructure.  This year we deferred all such work due to the pandemic.

Three convenient options are available to fulfill your pledge. Firstly, return your Grand Annual envelope with payment, or secondly, make your payments in three installments which may allow you to be more generous.  The installments will be due on May 15th, July 1st, and September 1st.  Payments may be left in the offertory basket or returned to the rectory. The third, and most convenient option, is to electronically fund your payment through WeShare, which our Administrative Assistant, Lucy Cronan, can assist you with by calling the Parish Office at 978-468-2337.  The process is simple and a great benefit to the parish.

May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.  May the message of Christ dwell richly within you. Pray to God with gratitude in your hearts; so that whatever you do in word or deed you do in the name of the Lord Jesus (Col 3.15-17).

Thank you so much for this consideration.

Gratefully in Christ,

Reverend Michael Lawlor


Our Parish Finance Council:

John Corcoran, Chairman        Lucy Cronan         Ethel Donahue         Stephen Rainville


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