SEVENFOLD Offertory Commitment Program


Dear Friends,

My hope and prayer is that all of you are well.

One of the great evangelical messages of the Church is to bring us encouragement.  Through our perseverance in living and practicing the faith in the here and now, we can arrive at the there and then.  In other words, encouragement to live the faith in the present is essential in order to arrive at our eternal destiny of heaven.  Jesus in his ministry was the great encourager among the weak, the sick, and the sinner.  He is present to all of us, through his Church, which sanctifies us through his grace by WORD and SACRAMENT.

My appeal at this time is to encourage your commitment to our parish’s 2021 SEVENFOLD Offertory Program. Since things were so problematic last year, all repairs concerning property and building issues were deferred.  This approach, while prudent during a pandemic, is not a sustainable strategy for the long-term integrity of our buildings and property.  In other areas, expenses were reduced but need to be restored if we are to be attentive to our pastoral, evangelical, and charitable mission while maintaining a balanced budget. 

Your support of SEVENFOLD is your yearly financial offering to the parish.  Your commitment enables the parish to operate while meeting all its responsibilities. The enclosed SEVENFOLD Enrollment Form, as well as the Giving Guidelines, can assist in determining your commitment while the reverse side of this letter offers convenient methods to process your pledge payments.

Please prayerfully consider your SEVENFOLD commitment in the coming days, as your prompt response prior to Commitment Weekend on Sunday, September 25/26 would be most appreciated. 

On a very important side note: throughout this Fall and then the Spring of 2022, we will be celebrating our Centennial Year (1922-2022) as a parish.  The rich history of Saint Paul’s coupled with our celebratory observances will be shared with all of our parishioners.  I strongly encourage you to allow yourself to be part of it!

Please know of my deep appreciation you render by your presence and the gift of your financial stewardship to the Church of Saint Paul.  I am truly grateful for whatever you can do for this year’s SEVENFOLD Offertory Program. 

You and your family have a remembrance from me at the altar.  I look forward to having all of us gathered at Mass as we offer our praise and glory to God while asking for His help in serving each other.

Gratefully in Christ,

Father Michael Lawlor


Finance Council Members:

John Corcoran, Chairman Lucy Cronan            Ethel Donahue Steve Rainville





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