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Offertory Support for the coming year we do so within the Church Universal Jubilee Year of Mercy.  Pilgrims pass through the Holy Door, such as St. Peter’s Rome or locally at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston.  The door is a symbol of Christ, to denote that they leave the past behind as they pass from sin to grace, slavery to freedom, darkness to light.  It is Christ, through His Church that wills the conversion of our hearts to him.  It is this Church that we are asked to support in her saving mission as the sign of Christ in our midst.

Sevenfold allows our parish to meet all our financial and fiduciary responsibilities which supports ministries and the mission of St. Paul’s Parish.  Due to the generous support of our Sevenfold participants last year we were able to:

  • Provide abatement work to our hall flooring prior to the installation of a new carpet and wood paneling.
  • Repair extensive underground pipe/drainage system to avert future hall flooding/along with new portioned church roofing and exterior drainage pipes for church.  All of this was to secure the integrity of our church hall from water and dampness.


This year we request your support through Sevenfold, so we can meet our budget operational expenses.  Once met, we hope we can save for the restoration of the stained glass windows in the church 1975 addition and look at the replacement of two (2) church and one (1) rectory boilers. In addition, a new sound system in the church is needed.  Expenses and improvements are a necessary part to operate a parish and to maintain our valuable church buildings and resources.

Your support of Sevenfold, after prayerful consideration, is very much appreciated.  You may use the enclosed envelope to forward your donation.

We strongly recommend use of our automated, secure, electronic banking service call ParishPay.  Forty percent (40%) of SEVENFOLD participants use this service to make recurring donations (monthly, weekly, etc.) from their banking and credit card accounts.  Registration is conveniently easy through our Parish Office or online at  More complete ParishPay information is available on the reverse side of this letter.

This Jubilee Year reminds us of the Lord’s great forgiveness and mercy.  As we experience His grace, through sacramental communion, may we be ever more grateful for the gift of His Church which makes our conversion and sanctification possible.

You and your family have my remembrance in prayer at the altar, as it is, indeed, a privilege to serve you.  My gratitude for all you do for the parish.

Gratefully in Christ,


Reverend Michael Lawlor






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